The “F” Word: Forgiveness w/ Beth Banasik

Beth Banasik is a soul here having a human experience… and what an experience it is. Personally it has included body dysmorphia, sexual abuse and a roller coaster of a mental health journey. Professionally she has studied health, wellness and management… worked for local government, private organisations, had her own business with staff and helped support some incredible movements and visions.

Not one for labels or letting her story define her, she is now following her heart empowering women to follow their heart song and create the life they desire. Through the Feminine Vibe Tribe she is able to facilitate change and share her message, whatever it is at that particular moment.

At any moment she is there to help anyone follow their dream or sharing her thoughts to empower others… but otherwise you’ll find her out in nature or chilling watching movies with her little family (her dreamy man and their fur kids).