Cultivating your Dream Life

Dasha Barsukova a Psychology graduate, freelance events manager and a wanderlust gypsy. She is based in Perth but since finishing her degree she has only been living there a few months out of the year most of the other time you will find her on the other side of the world. By the age of 25 she has visited 52 countries. Her journey into self development began at the age 16 when she enrolled into a weekend course that changed her life and showed her that she wanted to empower people to have peace of mind and full self expression. She completed a vigorous 9 month program at the age of 18 giving up all her Friday nights and many more hours throughout the week but she didn’t care because she was connected to her purpose of empowering and helping people. 

You will often hear from her “I’m living my best life” or “Wow, life is just too much good”. At the age of 25 she is following her dreams, living life to the fullest even in the face of resistance and is 110% committed to inspiring and empowering every being to live their best lives – where they get to live out their dreams, passions and purpose