I was graciously invited to speak at the Zambia Mental Health Conference in July 2023, expecting a gathering of over 3,000 attendees

My deep passion for this cause has led me to dedicate ten days of my time to conduct workshops and provide support to those in need. During that week, I also plan to engage with schools and orphanages.

To create a lasting impact and foster ongoing support and training in Zambia, I am seeking sponsorship. My goal is to equip individuals with the tools and strategies necessary to support their mental health effectively. By securing sponsorship, we can establish sustainable programs that empower communities to address mental health challenges..

I am genuinely moved by the opportunity to make a difference in Zambia's mental health landscape. With your support, we can transform lives and provide individuals with the resources they need for resilience and wellbeing.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. As many as 300 million experience depression globally, with the World Bank considering it “the greatest thief of productive economic life.” Nowhere is this issue more under-prioritized than in Africa, which accounts for the lowest mental health expenditure globally, and up to 85% of individuals have no access to effective treatment.

Project Goal

Raise awareness and foster more support for people struggling with their own mental health

Promote Self-Care and Mental Health Practices

Collaborate with existing Initiatives. Speak at the mental health conference

High Schools
I will be visiting a bunch of high schools when I am in Zambia and running mental health workshops.

ZAMBIA Mental Health Conference
With huge success last year, they are hoping to have 3,000 plus people attend this year's conference that I'll be presenting at.

ZAMBIA UNI's & armed forces
I'll be visiting Zambia universities and armed forces, to run mental health sessions

Happiness Co already run a large range of successful Mental health programs. One of the most important and beneficial programs we run is Mental Health First Aid. Happiness Co will be committing to training a large amount of key mental health support staff in Zambia with Mental Health First Aid. This is a nationally certified and globally recognised training course that happiness co will offer.

Mental Health First Aid is a training program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to help someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental health problem.

Mental Health First Aid courses typically cover a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, substance abuse, and suicidal behaviors. Happiness Co is proud to be able to laugh a support program like this in Africa as we know it will have a huge impact to the lives of many.

We will work with the Mental Health team on the ground in Zambia to assist over the next 12 months.



Logo on Shirt

We will have custom shirts made up to promote the tour and our sponsors.

Logo Website

All sponsors will be placed on our hope and happiness Zambia tour website.

Digital Media

We will post support and progress posts over the ten days we will be in Zambia. We will also provide you with photos & video content for your company.

Happiness Gala

At our Happiness Gala we will thank all our Zambia sponsors as well as in the Gala booklet Your name will be showcased to 1,100 people on the night.

FRont $5000

BACK $1500

(10 sponsors only)