Switched on program

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Switched On is a free, self-guided online wellbeing and resilience podcast for young people. Our youth mental health crew interview young people to create opportunities for gratitude, optimism, flow, meaning, hope, mindfulness, character strengths, healthy lifestyle, and positive relationships.

A range of sports stars and influential people have already been on the Switched On Podcast to support young people.

The Happiness Co Foundation

Switched On!

Welcome to the podcast body of Switched On!

Switched On is a platform we’ve created for our emerging generations who are looking at belonging to a community that upholds what it means to learn and grow from life’s experiences in order to fulfil ones potential, becoming more Switched On in the process.

This initiative is powered by Happiness Co Foundation, but everything put forward is made by youth, for youth.


we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over 20,000 students

who have encouraged us (and begged us!) to create this platform. We believe it has so much potential and we have plans for it to become the go-to platform for connection, wellbeing, support and community for young people.

At Switched On we want to offer a guiding light for youth as they transition through a time full of dramatic change, something that we all go through right? Of course we are open to everyone, and this includes a range from those who want to find their tribe, feeling lost, overwhelmed, sad and lonely, to those who are curious and find joy in exploring. Sit back, tune in and we hope you enjoy!