Happiness Co Foundation exists to empower individuals to live happier, healthier lives.

Founded in 2020, we champion happiness through holistic support and collaboration. We assist in funding programs and initiatives that empower people to face their mental health battles and find happiness in their lives.

With a team of volunteers, we spread happiness in the community by facilitating and funding events, activations and support groups for anyone affected by mental health struggles.

We already see incredible results in communities through funding grants and deep partnerships with community organisations. We see a world where empowerment, inclusiveness and collaboration leads to a more connected and happy community.

As we look ahead, we know there is much more to do. Our impact will focus even more on mental health, people's happiness and the resources we can share. It’s time to take care of each other and start healing and rebuilding the health of our communities.

We have a mission to positively impact 10 million lives in 10 years.

Our Board

The people who dedicate their time to ensuring proper governance, transparency and impact are at the heart of the Foundation.



Julian, founder and vice president of the Happiness Co Foundation  is a visionary leader and dedicated advocate for mental health and well-being.

Julian has dedicated his life to instilling happiness and providing tools to the community to improve their mental health and well-being.

Julian’s legacy extends far beyond the founding of our charity. His vision and dedication have touched the lives of countless individuals, instilling hope, resilience, and a sense of purpose in those struggling with mental health challenges.

Julian’s unwavering commitment to promoting mental wellness and fostering happiness has been the driving force behind our organisations mission to positively impact 10 million lives in 1o years. 



John plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and ethos in our Foundation with a passion for community well-being and the growth of charitable organisations.

John is a highly experienced and accomplished CFO and Company Secretary with over 30 years post qualification experience and has been integral in raising over $1.5 Billion in debt and equity during his career mainly for ASX listed companies.

Beyond John’s professional achievements, he is deeply committed to  making a positive difference in the lives of others. John believes in the power of philanthropy and collective action to address social challenges and promote positive change. 

John is a qualified chartered accountant, member of ICAEW and Graduate of Australia Institute of Company Directors (AICD). 



Nikki is a seasoned and experienced senior leader with a extensive experience in managing high performing teams and fostering community engagement and partnerships.

Nikki brings a wealth of expertise and insight into our board, contributing valuable perspectives and strategic guidance for our Foundation. 

Nikki is deeply passionate about making a positive impact in the community and empowering individuals to thrive.

Nikki believes in in the importance of collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation in addressing social challenges and driving positive change. 

Nikki’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in advancing our Foundation’s mission and objectives.




Maurice (Mo) has a wealth of experience in cultivating strategic partnerships and driving business growth. Mo brings valuable expertise and insights to our board, contributing to the strategic direction and success of our Foundation.

Mo believes positive impact and driving meaningful change fosters opportunities for sustainable growth that betters our community and society.

Mo provides expert guidance and support in identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Mo is passionate about ensuring our Foundation operates with transparency, integrity, and adherence to best practices and actively contributes to the development and implementation of governance policies to uphold ethical standards and accountability.

Mo’s leadership and strategic acumen have been instrumental in advancing our Foundation’s mission and objectives.



Our team

Meet the people who help make our Foundation truly awesome.



Tom is a passionate advocate for youth mental health and well-being, with a strong background in health promotion and making a positive impact in the lives of young people. 

With Tom’s experience in health promotion, Tom plays a vital role in developing and implementing initiatives to support the mental well-being of youth in our community.  

Tom believes that early intervention, education, and support are key to empowering young people to prioritise their mental health and thrive.

Tom is half of the brains behind “Switched On”, a platform dedicated to youth mental health and wellbeing where podcast episodes, social media material and resources, are provided free to the community.



Monique is a dynamic and driven professional with a passion for event coordination and team management.

Monique plays a pivotal role in orchestrating successful events and ensuring the efficiency of our Foundation’s staff.

Monique is deeply committed to our Foundation’s mission of promoting mental health and wellbeing in our community and believes events are powerful platforms for raising awareness, fostering connections, and mobilising support for our cause.

Monique’s background stems from managing her own events and is also the founder and co owner of Wellness Stations. 



Gen is our administration and accounts for the Happiness Co Foundation.

Gen is a dedicated and experienced professional with a passion for all things organisation and efficiency.

Gen manages the day to day functions of the Foundation ensuring our office is running like a well-oiled machine.

Gen comes from a customer service and community engagement background and plays a crucial role in managing the Foundation’s volunteer database.

Gen firmly believes in the power or organisation, collaboration, and community engagement to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The Happiness Co Foundation

dedicated to a high level of ‘entity integrity'.

We will go to every possible length to be transparent, accountable and credible. The decision by the Foundation to fund any initiative must go through the same process on each occasion. This process is an application, independent review, project sustainability metric and board approval based on a “community happiness impact”

Supported by:

Ensuring we have quality resources online is extremely important to us

Switched On is a free, self-guided online wellbeing and resilience podcast for young people. Our youth mental health crew interview young people to create opportunities for gratitude, optimism, flow, meaning, hope, mindfulness, character strengths, healthy lifestyle, and positive relationships.

A range of sports stars and influential people have already been on the Switched On Podcast to support young people.