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We have an authentic drive and passion to create an impact


In everything we do, we aim to inspire positive change


We empower people to improve their lives


Watch A Live Replay Of The Unforgettable Game!

All funds raised from the WA All Star Charity Game Live Stream will go back into the community, supporting mental health initiatives in local and regional Football Clubs across the state. 



Our philosophy hinges on one simple goal; to instil happiness into as many lives as possible

With attempted suicide rates increasing each year, and feelings of isolation and loneliness reaching breaking point, we focus on prevention, which means we get to help empower individuals to create happiness and overcome their challenges in life.

We are an action over awareness charity.  

We fund programs, workshops, one on one support, community events and other not for profit charities. 

The Happiness Co Foundation grant program is soon to launch which will fund mental health and wellbeing initiatives in the community where funding might be otherwise unattainable.

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Building Happier Communities

The Happiness Co Foundation supports multiple organisations, causes and movements that provide initiatives focused on community happiness & well-being.

Oli Clothing

has raised $14,000 so far for Youth Mental Health

Youth Events & Schools

We want our youth to have access to life - improving programs to assist them in overcoming their challenges and create a supportive and inclusive environment. In these programs, we break down barriers and give youth the tools and skills to understand themselves and others better. Our workshops are 100% designed and delivered by young people. We have worked with over 30 ,000 students and have delivered over 80 workshops over the last 12 months. We work with youth on Mental Health, peer pressure, and making positive choices.

In addition to our schools and youth workshops, we have a program for young people who struggle in the regular education setting; these workshops are for young people between the ages of 13 and 17. Our program is full of opportunities for participants to challenge themselves and each other, connect with other young people from all walks of life, and grow their self-awareness and resilience. Our facilitators and crew provide a safe space for young people to push their comfort zones and explore who they are and want to be.

" To ensure youth have access to programs and support .”

Live Events & Workshops

We pride ourselves on running unique life-improving workshops and programs. There are people all across WA who are struggling with different elements of mental health, and we provide events, workshops and programs all across WA. This is possible because of our partnerships. We provided over 400 workshops in the last 12 months giving people the tools and strategies to help improve their lives.

Workshops in remote and regional locations allow us to help people learn to maintain mental well-being. We provide helpful, practical information and tools that can help youth, their family, friends, and the community. Workshops focus on proactive, preventative practices to maintain and improve mental health and well-being.

"Provide programs to people in need across WA.

Community Activation

We want to ensure we create positive community outcomes that build happy and mentally healthy communities. The bottom line is that community always matters. That's why we've made it the key ingredient of our mission to be a people-care-based organisation. This is based on inclusion, acceptance and support.

Community Activations include random act of kindness days, family events, market stalls and free mental health and wellbeing workshops.

We work with sporting clubs to improve mental health for club members through our tackling unhappiness program. The free program includes free face-to-face tackling mental health awareness training sessions. This service is available for sports clubs across Perth & Peel regions.

"To positively impact the community”

Corporate Workshops

Our Award Winning workshops and presentations are at the heart of what we do— creating programs that help people improve areas of their lives. We have 18 topics available to choose from as part of our Mental Health & Happiness menu. We run 5- 8 sessions per week with, on average, 50 - 80 participants in a corporate setting.

For FIFO employees, our non-clinical, practical and realistic tools for happiness, the FIFO Happiness program helps to raise mental health awareness and understanding, reduce stigma, and provide relevant, practical information for workers and their families. Our lived experience FIFO presenters have designed a custom-made program to help FIFO workers and their families.

We train people to be equipped with first aid skills specifically designed to meet the needs of people experiencing mental health challenges. Accredited Mental Health First Aid courses for employees, carers, family and friends and anyone willing to support people with mental health challenges.

“Provide mental health support in all forms for corporate and FIFO settings”